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About Us

Marcel Duchamp's masterpiece 'Fountain' raises fundamental questions about 'what is art?' and 'who is really an artist?' In 1915, Duchamp purchased a urinal from the J.L Mott Ironworks in Manhattan, New York. Afterwards, Duchamp wrote ‘R.Mutt, 1917’ on the urinal, and named it “Fountain”. Duchamp later submitted the artwork to the exhibition hosted by the Society of Independent Artists. It was an exhibition that any member could participate in, but “Fountain” was not recognized as an artwork, and rejected with an excuse that there wasn’t enough space. The whole incident led to the biggest turning point which redefined the definition of contemporary art at the critical moment of transition of the society into an industrial revolution era. Space Fountain is a newly opened art space by BeBig. BeBig has been creating moments where art meets daily life through large public art projects. The director & the curator who created the yellow duck syndrome through “Rubberduck Project, Seoul” at Seokchon Lake in 2016, and diverse experts in architecture, design, sculpture, public art, and art products, gathered to open Space Fountain.


As Duchamp's 'Fountain' showed, Space Fountain wishes to share art that expands beyond the realm of art and communicate with society based on the big questions about “What art and artist really are”. As we live through the 4th industrial revolution and metaverse era, art comes to us in a new form every time. Space Fountain will break the prejudice against art as Duchamp did with ‘Ready Made’ artworks, and create special moments where everyday objects are transformed into unexpected artworks. Space Fountain plans to show the work of artists who create their own worlds in various artistic languages, traditional or new-never-imagined-before! Contemporary art is being redefined every day, with new information technology and media environment, and showing the dynamic creativity of artists who are embracing this new culture will be the most important part of Space Fountain’s goals. Space Fountain aims to present the audience with opportunities to experience exclusively curated collections from the graffiti & anti-art icon artists which invaded the cities in the late 1970s, urban contemporary arttists which broadened the visual culture through photography, ads, video art and movie, to ultra contemporary artists who came into the scene with the birth of Web 3.0, NFT art and metaverse.

“What art is, in reality, is this missing link,

not the links which exist. It's not what you see that is art; art is the gap.”

– Marcel Duchamp


Our Story

Space Fountain exhibits works by artists who create a creative world in various languages, both within and outside the concept of art. At a point where much of modern art is being reorganized by information technology and the new media environment, the dynamic creativity of the artists who create the next era will be the greatest force to move this field. Be Big wishes to be an exhibition space where anyone can meet artists' works closely through Space Fountain.

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