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2024.07.06 - 2024.08.31

Space Fountain is hosting artist Yoon Seo Hee’s solo exhibition 『PICTURESQUE』. In her works, Yoon Seo Hee captures the essence of life’s small, everyday, yet warm aspects. Through her character series, the artist portrays people around her and highlights women’s societal roles. Additionally, she captures the disappearing of endangered animals on canvas, reminding us of the diverse values marginalized and destroyed in a human-centered society. In this exhibition, the artist focuses on the more prominent theme of ‘nature’ and sheds light on how humans and nature intersect in contemporary society through the traditional genre of landscape painting. Through the artist’s unique feminine and delicate approach, vibrant ‘picturesque landscapes’ have come to life. In the “Picturesque” series, the artist reinterprets the timeless theme of nature’s beauty in painting. Humans have enjoyed nature throughout different eras by depicting its beauty through their standards and artistic expressions. Humans have both submitted to the vastness of nature, describing it with the word ‘sublime,’ and exploited and destroyed it as an object of desire. The artist embraces these diverse perspectives on nature and visualizes ways for us to coexist with it—scenes where humans, animals, flowers, and trees blend offer joyful energy and rhythm. Additionally, through works where small flowers and leaves take center stage, the artist emphasizes the immense vitality hidden in every flower and blade of grass we often overlook. The diverse depictions of humans, who are but a small part of the vast nature, appear throughout the canvas. Yoon Seo Hee’s Picturesque series presents “picture-perfect landscapes” that redefine the relationship between nature and humanity. Amid environmental destruction and climate change that rebound like a boomerang to humanity, the artist illustrates an ideal vision of a cyclical return to nature and coexistence. In her works, nature takes center stage as a living, breathing collective of life, guiding a shift in consciousness away from human desires for nature and towards envisioning a sustainable future.

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Yoon Seo Hee


Starting her artistic journey with illustrations, Yoon Seo Hee has expanded her repertoire into painting and installation art, showcasing works infused with feminine sensibilities. Above all, as a woman and an artist, she elegantly reflects the absurdities of contemporary realities through her lyrical style in her artworks. Her artworks, whether portraying self-portraits of women around her or focusing on endangered animals, are both whimsical and realistic. The artist employs a technique of layering and scraping off paint to create tactile surfaces, infusing her works with a flexible and warm perspective. Through this approach, she revitalizes precious values disappearing due to human desires and selfishness. The artist has held numerous solo and group exhibitions at venues such as Lotte Gallery, Suwon Children's Museum of Art, and Daemyung Resort Gallery. Additionally, she has collaborated with major brands, including Lotte Department Store, Lotte Confectionery, Jeju Beer, Airbnb, and Woongjin Thinkbig.


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