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2022. 08. 31. - 2022. 10. 31.


Space Fountain will hold the first exhibition in Korea by Urban Contemporary artist D*FACE (Dan Stockton, b.1978), which represents Britain. Street art, which began in the 1970s with New York as an act of leaving its name, quickly expanded to the world and became a representative visual art of urban culture more than 50 years later. D*FACE, who used to ride skateboards around the back alleys of the city as a child, naturally encountered graffiti and developed her dream of art by making stickers of images she devised and attaching them all over the place. D*FACE acquired its own style, style, and identity by leaving his work throughout the streets, and continued large-scale mural work, breaking down the walls of art, graffiti, streets and museums, and developing urban art that actively communicated with the public. Street art, which is illegal and one-off without anyone's help and without any censorship, has become a source of explosive energy for the artist to express himself freely, breaking away from traditions and customs. In addition, pop art, which reveals the hidden truth of mass media and consumer society without hesitation, has become an important medium containing the writer's message about society. Through more than 40 works that can meet the world of D*FACE's works, you can experience the meeting point of street art and modern art that has grown in the background of the city since the 1990s.

D*FACE creates an intense icon that catches the eye of countless people passing through the streets. In particular, the artist broke down the boundary between high-end and low-end art and combined street art and pop art, which have common characteristics that reveal the back side of popular culture and consumer society. D*FACE, who majored in illustration and graphic design, created a powerful image of the hidden side of modern society by mixing stylized characters from comic books in the 1950s and 1960s with various symbols representing desire, death, and fear. The artist created a special style called "aPOPcalypse" by adding various elements that cause anxiety and fear to the popular image of sensual men and women. These artist's apocalyptic pop images extend to large walls of cities around the world, expanding into a unique screen that reveals the power, desire, frustration, and wounds of the consumer society that have been hidden.

​D*FACE exhibition, which will be held for the first time in Korea, will display various works showing the trend from 2015 to the present.The author's main work begins with a mural large enough to correspond to the city's billboards. His works, which have been showcased in major cities such as London, Paris, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Madrid, Seattle, Leykjavik, Iceland, Tokyo, Belgium and Portugal, lead to paintings and hand prints of sculptures.In the mural work, the artist highlights the dead spots of pop art and puts various phrases in the speech bubble of the comic book to form a narrative that can communicate with the city, buildings, and the public. D*FACE's mural works, which embody dramatic moments through large screens and stimulate imagination with cinematic composition, provide a strong shock that breaks down unconcerned customs and prejudices and transforms the entire street into an art museum for all to see. The images of men and women depicted in the vivid colors of pop art are self-portraits of modern society where good and evil, love and fear, destruction and pain coexist. Crossing conflicting images pose questions about the violence of capitalism and its fundamental values to humans and society in media attacks. The writer juxtaposes the message of resistance against the power that suppresses us and distorts our thoughts with the most easily accessible images, revealing humanity that is dying out in the age of material all-around.


a world-renowned artist who showcases visual arts

Urban contemporary artist D*FACE (B.1978~), who presents visual art that creates urban landscapes against the backdrop of England, Europe, and the United States, is ​ With large-scale murals and various exhibitions, he has been recognized as an artist representing British urban art since Banksy. D*FACE introduced a new art that overturned the existing visual culture through an icon that wittily combined the energy of resistance and freedom with elements critical to society. Resisting conventions and prejudices we take for granted, D*FACE continues to work on large-scale murals and gallery exhibitions, collaborating with artists such as Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and punk rock band Blink-182.

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