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2023. 05.18. - 2023. 08. 12.


Space Fountain is hosting the first solo show in Asia of London-based artist Shem(b.1984~) from 18th May to 12th Aug 2023.


Based on free imagination and uninhibited expression, Shem presents works that explosively pour out honest emotions about life and art. Entitled <The Loser Wins>, the artist presents 20 new pieces expressing a longing for the leap of socially marginalized individuals. In particular, the surfaces composed of mixing a variety of motives on abstract paintings provide a rare opportunity to break down prejudices about art and listen to the inner voice regarding the social issues we are facing. 


In the title <The Loser Wins>, this exhibition encapsulates a message of freedom and resistance inspired by the artist’s powerful inner desires. He shows a powerful energy that celebrates an outsider's life, representing themselves as a winner on the canvases. The issues of life and reality, permeated by oppression and violence, have significantly shaped his perspective on society. With a desire for freedom, resistance has naturally become integrated into his artistic vision.


Shem created a persona called 'AHL Head', representing art, hip-hop music, and life as a messenger conveying various messages about society. The artist creates pieces in which letters, symbols, colors, and pictures constantly interact with themselves. The dynamic energy emanating from the works, harmoniously intersecting color fields, and the sentences/symbols filling the surface between them create a new visual language that blends primitive impulses for art, social messages, and contemporary sculptural language.


An artist who delivers messages through his work

Shem, who began drawing in 2014, painted 《We are in the Future》 on a massive billboard in Old Street as part of a project curated by Trix Mendez and Outside the Zone in 2020, following his first exhibition in 2018. In 2020, Shem successfully held his first solo exhibition, <When The Sun Falls Out The Sky> at Hoxton Gallery in London. Besides, the artist collaborated on a mural with Mr. Doodle in 2021 and released a joint edition work, <Rock Paper Wizards,> for fundraising purposes, selling more than 1,000 units and donating the benefits to the Ben Raemers Foundation. Furthermore, at his second solo exhibition, <Find Art, South Kensington,> held in London in March 2022, he candidly revealed his vision of life and art, captivating the art market's attention. His pieces are gaining increasing attention from collectors globally, from London to Seoul and San Francisco.



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