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​Artist Gwaxng creates intensive monster characters with bushy fur, bulging eyes, and sharp teeth to express his honest feelings about life and the art. Through the interview, you can see the theme of this exhibition and the meaning of the work.

"Hello, I'm drawing Yoon Seong-kwang and GWAXNG."

​ⓒGWAXNG all rights reserved

Q. I'm curious about how you became a full-time writer and how you went about it.

I try to find empathy through communication with the audience by visually expressing the stories that happen around me and my stories in pictures, and I will continue to draw pictures that I can sympathize with in the future.I 

Q. What is the most inspired by selecting topics and produce works?

I think there are two things, I think there are inspiration from dreams and inspiration from communicating in the surrounding relationships.

Q. While preparing for this exhibition, please let me know if there is anything you want to include in the work or a message you want to share with the audience.

All the characters are contained in my work, and they are characters that express their emotions on behalf of themselves. I hope that each individual's situation will be resolved by expressing his or her inner feelings instead.

Q. It features a strong character with big teeth. How was this character born and what does it mean?

The character is the character that came out in my dreams when I had a hard time with people. I wanted the character to represent my inner feelings and solve them in a picture, and I wanted to overcome my relationship with others through the character.

Q. The character's costumes, accessories, and props are fun every week. I'm curious about the process of constructing things like this.

What I pay particular attention to is color and fashion. I think this character can represent not only me but also everyone, but I thought about how to express everyone's various personalities, and the word fashion came to mind, and I think it was not just dark when it came to bringing out my emotions, which could be a rather heavy topic, but rather trying to compose a picture with bright and colorful colors.

​ⓒGWAXNG all rights reserved

​ⓒGWAXNG all rights reserved

Q. You can also see luxury brand bag-themed works, so how were these works born?

I think I paid attention to the use and other keywords. Bags and shoes are supposed to be used, but these days they are used for collection or exhibition purposes. On the contrary, it was a work that started with the idea of drawing on a standardized canvas and expressed it wittily.

Q. Please say something to the fans

Thank you for coming to see my paintings and I will continue to draw lots of cool and weird monsters to help you express your hidden emotions. Thank you.

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