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Based between Seoul and New York, artist JAE combines the finding everyday enlightenment with the artist's imagination to create fantastical scene inhabited by mythical creatures. Through the interview, you can see the theme of this exhibition and the meaning of the work.

"Hello, I'm Jae, who draws back and forth from New York and Seoul."

​ⓒJAE all rights reserved

Q. I'm curious about how you became a full-time writer and how you went about it.

I entered college as a design major, and I realized that designing something for others was not right. I know that the path to a full-time writer is difficult, but I think it's something I can enjoy the most and work hard, so I'm working hard.

Q. What is the most inspired by selecting topics and produce works?

I'm inspired by every field of art, but I'm working to image the concerns or ontological ideas that anyone can think about, especially in modern society, through my own symbols.

Q. While preparing for this exhibition, please let me know if there is anything you want to include in the work or a message you want to share with the audience.

I think all modern people are a little smart monkeys, so I'm conveying the message that it's okay to live bravely without too much concern and comparison.

​ⓒJAE all rights reserved

Q. The screen of the work looks like a fantasy space where mythical animals appear. Do you have any particular narrative in mind when producing your work?

I worked on the concept of a lucky dream with my own small theme in this exhibition, and I thought it fits the theme in that mankind has long dreamed of hope for the future while giving the meaning of dreams, and it would be nice to recognize it as if it were a fantastic space.

Q. The work is malerisch and describe the description.I want to know the process and technology.

Before I work, I think that if the image can be perfectly imagined in my head, it can be an obvious image, so I am improvising and consciously working on it as much as possible. Based on acrylic paint, I am working on constructing a space while filling my own symbols while using as many techniques or materials as possible.

Q. Every painting features animals such as tigers, dragons, snakes, and monkeys. Do animals have any meaning?

The tiger represents my conception dream, the dragon and the snake represent young people who don't recognize their feelings, and the monkey represents all modern people.

​ⓒJAE all rights reserved

Q. Please say something to the fans.

I worked hard on it. I hope many people come and enjoy it.

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