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The artist who creates narratives through allegorical patterns, Jeongsu uses repetitive natural shapes and bold color blocks to compose her paintings. Her works, which contain various metaphors based on color variations of the same pattern, offer viewers the opportunity to create endless stories. Through the interview, you can see the theme of this exhibition and the meaning of the work.

"Hello, I'm Jeong su, a writer who is working on patterns as an identity."

저용량_Two_Lions_on_The_Prowl_in_The_Jungle 복사.jpg

​ⓒJeongsu all rights reserved

Q. I'm curious about how you became a full-time writer and how you went about it.

After graduating from the Western department, I took a chance to draw pictures on clothes at a fashion company, and through that experience, I became attracted to patterns and then started to do my personal work using patterns.

Q. What is the most inspired by selecting topics and produce works?

There are many cases where I am inspired by visual stimuli rather than thinking about a topic first, especially through animals. So, when I go to the zoo or see something, I think it is most often started by visual stimuli.

Q.While preparing for this exhibition, please let me know if there is anything you want to include in the work or a message you want to share with the audience.

I think that the color or form of the work itself is more touching to the audience than the meaning of the work, so I hope the audience can feel the healing that the green color gives. So, in order for this green color to stand out, I hope you can intuitively see the colors that come together, the shapes given by animals, and so on.

Q. Visual themes are determined through patterns of different motifs in each exhibition, and what motifs did you mainly want to show in this exhibition?

While preparing for this exhibition, I thought of drawing a forest and Henri Rousseau were the first things that came to mind. I hope that the warm feeling of the forest given by the work can be conveyed to the audience, and that the healing power of the green color can be shared among everyone.

Q. Where does the subject matter of people, animals, etc. in the work begin?

Mainly, I have drawn a lot of paintings with motifs of the visual stimuli I have experienced directly in my daily life. I think everyday motifs are the most important materials because the shape of the kettle encountered in everyday life, or the dog passing by, can all be visual stimuli.

​ⓒJeongsu all rights reserved

​ⓒJeongsu all rights reserved

Q. I understand that the exhibition entries were constructed by borrowing from Henri Rousseau's work. I'd like to know the reason for this.

I was given some free time after my busy work, but I couldn't stand empty time because of my long experience working at a fashion company. In the process of filling that time, Henri Rousseau came to mind and painted for myself the warmth and healing process of the forest.

Q. Please say something to the fans.

I think many people find it difficult to access the museum. So it's not important to find any meaning or anything, but the color or shape felt in the painting itself is enough, so don't feel too much pressure and I hope many people come.

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